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Year in View!


Proffs is pleased to report another busy year, and wish to thank all those contributing to our success. Clients and Personnel alike.

We are pleased to say we have achieved a ISO-2015 standard (International Organisation for Standardisation). Previously verified to 2008, we decided to upgrade to the latest version, which supports the service we provide.

Proffs continue to be a IMCA company member, REC accredited and a Achilles Registered Company, which aids in Proffs continuing to be at the forefront of our industry.

Proffs an Approved Verifier for IMCA E-Portfolio Scheme

Proffs fully supports ongoing competency with our personnel, and has rolled out the E-Portfolio Scheme.

Working closely with our clients we have developed framework to assist personnel with keeping their ongoing competency in date.

Paul Reid – recently qualified through Polaris learning as an approved verifier and in turn able to act as a verifier for the E-Portfolio Scheme. Working under client guidance it was agreed that with the verifier training and coupled with Pauls previous offshore experience,  verification on the evidence gathered for the portfolio could be assessed  and signed off by Paul.

What have we been upto???……

We are all quite an active bunch here at Proffs – and here is a snippet of some of the events our team took part in this year .

April 2019  – saw Leila complete her first London Marathon, raising funds for The Daisy Garland, a charity close to her heart.

August 2019 – Steph took part in her first overseas Trail  half marathon in Sweden.

October 2019 – Fair weather runner Su ran her first half marathon, in Monsoon conditions!

All  achieving excellent times in their own events.  Well done ladies!