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Dear All,

As you are aware Competency is and remains and ongoing necessity for our industry. Competency continues to be at the fore front of client’s minds and we are being asked to prove contractors competency on a regular basis. The frame work is constantly reviewed by the IMCA core committee and from the 6th November 2018 a new system was implemented.

The core committee had developed a freelance competence e-portfolio. Initially rolled out for the survey side, however ROV has now also been included. PROFFS have also embraced this option and have prepared packs for contractors, that include all that is required to gain evidence, build the portfolio and prove competency.

PROFFS will be taking an active role in supporting you with this. This is becoming a necessity, as when we propose a contractor to an end client, competency proof is requested from us along with C.V’s and offshore certification. There is no cost to the freelancer in setting up or running of the competency scheme via PROFFS and the way it has been designed will remain live and transferable.

To this end, I would suggest and if you are not already doing so, to continue obtaining regular appraisals and gathering supporting evidence.

The system has not been designed to be the only route to take and other ways to prove competency still remain,  including the MTCS freelance competency scheme ( and Caledonia competence scheme ( PROFFS are happy to aid and help in anyway to help contractors to prove competency irrespective of the route they take to achieve this.

I feel taking a proactive approach to competency can only be a benefit as it will ultimately aid in obtaining work. We will continue to update the grids / CV and hold supporting evidence (appraisals etc) as you work through PROFF’s and we remain available to assist were needed.

Best regards, PROFF’S.