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Wow – what a season so far!  Its been one of those years – where you blink, and you could possibly miss it!

After the Covid Pandemic and global factors affecting personnel movement, 2022 has certainly proved things are getting back to normal in the offshore world.

Sending thanks to our staff, personnel, and clients for another busy season and for all the continued hard work and support you have shown. Long may it continue.

We have welcomed Steph Strowger back, after her maternity leave and she has hit the ground running (literally – keep reading – to see what she’s been up to!)

Also we are delighted to report our team has expanded yet again with Toni Tingle joining us. Toni has worked in the Oil & Gas industry for many years and has a wealth of experience.

Next month we will see not one, but two members of PROFFS team run the world renown London Marathon.

Both Steph & Leila have been training hard and getting those miles in to be race day ready!

With this being Steph’s First Marathon, we are confident she will smash it and enjoy the day!

Leila is running again for a Charity close to her heart, this time raising funds for the Daisy Garland. We wish them every success for their race day!

If you would like to support Leila – Please follow the link below.

All the Best from PROFFS Team.