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As we head into Autumn, and the winter is just around the corner, we want to send our thanks to staff, personnel and clients for a busy summer and for the continued hard work and support we receive.

With the Covid vaccination’s being rolled out nationally and internationally, a new kind of normality has started to resume, and offshore work has picked up.

We thank you all for your patience, and willingness to undergo PCR tests, isolation, and quarantine, for you to get back to work and the industry to continue.

Team Proff’s has seen some changes this year; we are delighted to introduce new members to our expanding team.

Elayne Hilton – who joined our team in March and Sally Spaull – who joined in May and have both fitted in so well, it’s as if they have always been here!

We are delighted to announce, our lovely Steph and partner James, welcomed their beautiful baby boy in June. A beautiful addition to the Team Proff’s Family.

Next month we will see Leila run the Virgin London Marathon again, this time raising funds for the Warren School Playground. We wish her every success on her run!

All the Best from PROFFS Team.