PR Offshore Services Ltd. (PROFFS) is an established recruitment agency, which provides personnel worldwide to the ROV and diving Industry.

Our team of consultants have over 30 years experience within the offshore industry. We specialise in matching highly skilled and qualified individuals to offshore companies who require personnel with high levels of competence and expertise.

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Advances in technology have increased the demand for ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and Inspection personnel in the oil industry. We hold an extensive database containing experienced and qualified personnel comprising of most disciplines relating to the offshore industry. We are looking to continue developing this database to meet the ever-increasing demand for highly competent ROV and Inspection personnel. If you have what we are looking for and are interested in our recruitment services, click here.

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Although our primary roles are ROV, 3.4U and Client Rep personnel, We are also expanding our database to include other disciplines. Should you work in the offshore sector please forward your details for consideration.


Industry news:

The market is a touch quiet at present, however we do expect a slowdown in the first quarter of the year. We are expecting the market to pick up end of March / April time and hope for a steady summer season. There is activity in the bidding and tendering areas which is encouraging and we foresee the inspection side to remain steady.

From 1 April 2015, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will prohibit helicopter operators from carrying passengers on offshore flights, except in response to an offshore emergency, whose body size, including required safety and survival equipment, is incompatible with the nearest authorised underwater escape exit.

Anyone intending to travel offshore via helicopter will need to have been measured by a trained measurer using approved callipers. The information will be entered into VANTAGE so that the seating allocation can be planned in advance for each flight.

From initially inquiries, OPITO approved (UK oil and Gas) and survival centres are offering the measuring service, if they are OPITIO approved they would then in turn register the measurements within your record on the Vantage system.

The latest Step Change FAQs sheet on Passenger Size information is available from the Step Change website below: